Friday, 25 January 2013

My Education Quiz Play Rewards Intelligent Minds

           …………………. Ten Winners Emerged Already

 In the face of the difficult financial challenge of affording quality education for children by parents in Nigeria, comes this golden opportunity of My Education Quiz Play, an initiative of the Foundation for Effective Leadership and Development (FELD), to win the ultimate prize of One Million and Two Million naira at secondary and tertiary categories respectively.
My Education Quiz Play is an educational play initiated for students in senior secondary school and tertiary institution to earn money that will empower them enough to see their dreams of quality education accomplished. 
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Speaking on the concept of the quiz play, Mamuzo Ogbeta, the presenter of the secondary school category described it as the passion to see that students are sent back to schools.
“It is our passion or desire to see that students are sent back to school. Some of them have brain but do not have the money to go to school. It is either they are already in school but struggling to pay their fees or they do not even have the means of being in school because they do not have the financial wherewithal. So FELD seeks to empower them financially to achieve their educational dreams” Mamuzo said.
The Television based educational play airing on MITV, is designed in a way that intending participants can text the word “EXCEL” to a short code 35811 to be part of the show. The programme that officially started in August 2012 has had four episodes (three in secondary category and one in tertiary category) with ten winners recorded already.
They are Chidinma Ezugu N155, 000.000, Precious Onowudijo N120, 000.00, Adewole Toluwani  N55, 000.00, Adidu Obi N55, 000.00 Iko Abasi Melodi N10, 000.00. Okoji Donald N35, 000.00, Ann Ejiegbu N210, 000.00, Alim Dumebi favour N190, 000.00, Anakwe Godwin N10, 000.00 and Gbenga Lawal N40, 000.00. One of the winners Gbenga Lawal confirmed that the money he earned from My Education Quiz play was used to pay his tuition fee for his polytechnic degree.
The initiator of the individual based educational play is the Foundation for Effective Leadership and Development [FELD], a non-governmental organization established in 2011 primarily to pursue the vision of sustainable development based on good governance amongst other objectives. The foundation seeks to ensure the facilitation of systematic dialogue among civil society groups, government, national and global thought leaders, business owners, technocrats, youths, trade associations and mass media for positive engagement of the people towards a better society.

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